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The biggest investment a person will make is buying a house. To make any house into a home you will need to add a personal touch, whether it is adding new furniture, painting the walls your favourite colour or remodelling the entire house.  At Magnum Home Reno we understand that and want to offer our help.

We use the latest computer technology to design and actually show you the outcome of your vision before going through with the renovations. This technology makes it easier to see whether the planned design will be functional and ensure that you are a 100% percent satisfied . To maximize your satisfaction, we provide free in home consultations once you contact us to set up an appointment. Exterior and Interior maintenance free product samples will be available to you during the initial consultation, so that you can see and feel the materials that we will work with.

Magnum Home Renovations Inc is a one-stop shop for all you renovation needs. The company is insured and bonded, and only qualified, experienced and licensed contractors are hired. We work with different budgets and deadlines and offer 10% discount to the seniors.

At Magnum Home Renovations we care about the environment that's why we make sure to recycle the waste from all the projects.